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In addition to our business advisory services we also offer a tailored Commercial Mediation service aimed at family business disputes.

Having been through family business disputes in a personal capicity, Paul can empathise with all sides, listening attentatively and actively and helping them to find a resolution to their conflict, that will be beneficial to all.

He has successfully mediated a number of family business disputes, in addition to regular business disputes, and is a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland. 

Mediation saves money, time and business relationships. It allows the disputing parties to maintain control of the process, rather than pitching their side to a judge who then makes a summary decision, where they will either win or lose, depending on how their position is related by their legal advisors.

It is estimated that approximately 80% of the disputes that choose the Mediation route are resolved, with an agreement being made between the parties.

Paul ran the Litigation Department of the second largest insurer in Ireland for 2 years and prior to this was responsible for all claims made against his hotel for 10 years. He knows the many pitfalls, not to mention costs, involved with litigation.

He sees the many advantages that Mediation has over litigation and that is why he trained to be a Mediator and is offering his services as a Mediator. He has been involved in, and has been a party to, many Mediations and has seen the tangible benefits that accrue from this process.

Should you wish to discuss any disputes where you feel that mediation might be of benefit, in strictest confidence, please call Paul on 087 2307626 or email him at paul@qhc.ie



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